Ebenezer United Church of Christ had its humble beginning near the present site in May 1882. The need for a church in our community was felt by a group of interested men and women who had to walk from their homes to the Arches Grove Christian Church for worship services. Their dream became a reality when a decision was made to hold Sunday school and prayer meetings weekly in an old frame building, formerly used as a cotton gin owned by J. Kirk located in the Richmond Hill Community, Company Shops which was later named Burlington, North Carolina. The first church was organized in this building with approximately thirty members. Among these pioneers with a vision were: Mr. M.A. Albright, Mr. Brown Cooper, Mr. James Hazel, Mr. Wiley Headen, Mr. Lucien Sellars and Mr. Henry Turner. Mr. Wiley Headen served as leader until a pastor was chosen. Over the years, pastors that have served and led this church include:

• Rev. Brutus Young (1882)

• Rev. Dunn (1882-1889)

• Rev. J.D. Mabrey (1889-1898)

• Rev. L.A. Ruffin and Rev. C.W. Ray (1898-1903)

• Rev. J.H. McBroom (1908-1916)

• Rev. C.A. Harris (1921-1930)

• Rev. I.D.C Goodson (1930-1933)

• Rev. W.M. Lake (1933-1969)

• Rev. F.A. Hargett (1969-1970)

• Dr. Marvin L. Morgan (1970-1977)

• Rev. C.L. Thompson (1977-1995)

• Rev. Dr. Larry E. Covington (1995-present)

Our present pastor , Rev. Dr. Larry  E. Covington assumed pastorate in November 1995 and was installed in January 1996. The church has several functioning ministries and as an incorporated entity is the umbrella for several self-sustaining programs:

1.  Excel Christian Academy (ECA) (and age 3 through grade 5 school)

2. The Excel Afterschool Enrichment Program 

3. The Ebenezer Center for Christian Opportunities (a community recreation center)

4. Community Outreach Homes

 • The Manasseh & Ephraim Transition and Recovery

 • The WELL Transition

 • The Inez Guy Dream Center

 • The Hope House

5. Champion's Academy (part of Excel Community Association of Alamance) 


Our church family includes around 1,500 people, with about 500 active and/ or regular attendees between two Sunday morning worship services. We also have a consistent online viewership of over 400 viewers per service. The church is managed by a combination of Full and Part Time Staff, a Board of Directors and volunteers that are a vital part of our ministries. 

Over the years, Ebenezer and its members have become known in the community as "The Fellowship of Excitement" and a place to "DISCOVER the JOY" of knowing Christ. 

Church Theme

We Are A Great Church Because We Serve...we look forward to serving you.

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Rev. Dr. Larry E. Covington

Senior Pastor 


336.226.8526| Ext. 7016

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Rev. Markez Mills
Executive Pastor 
336.226.8526| Ext. 7017


Reisha Drumgold
Administrative Assistant to Senior Pastor
336.226.8526| Ext. 7014

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Rev. Jimmie Burgess

Youth Pastor


336.226.8526| Ext. 7019

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Valinda "Faye" Graves



336.226.8526| Ext. 7020

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Clement Emehel

Business Manager/Operations


336.226.8526| Ext. 7012

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Anthony McDonald
Minister of Music and Dir. of Worship & Arts
336.226.8526 | Ext. 7010

Min. Shawana Emehel

Children's Ministry



Bridgette Cannon 

ECA Director


336.226.8526 | Ext. 7018

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Janis R. Holness

Administrative Assistant/Welcome Center Receptionist


336.226.8526 | Ext. 7021

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Amaya Waddy
Director of Communications
336.226.8526 | Ext. 7011

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Rev. Jaylaa Stewart

Online Pastor


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